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First ÜberVegan Blog

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Hello, and thank you for your interest in ÜberVegan and idea of being Vegan.

The best thing you can do is become Vegan.

Being Vegan is easy, and it's the right thing to do.

I suspect you are against animal cruelty.

Hurting or causing harm to an animal is a bad thing.

If you agree, you are already an advocate for nonviolence and you are aligned to become Vegan.

You can easily find and watch animal abuse videos online, primarily showing animals in factory farms used in the animal "agriculture" industry that are killed.

A majority of animals used, in one way or another, are slaughtered.

Very few animals go off to live in "greener pastures" or are retired to sanctuaries or comfort.

That simply does not happen. Animals are used and executed for profit.

When you go to a slaughterhouse - Remember, it's called a "slaughterhouse" - when you go to a killing venue, or watch a slaughter video, you observe an animal murdered that wants to live. When you see an animal killed for her flesh to be eaten, or for his skin to be used, or a chicken's throat slit to become a "nugget," you are disgusted and saddened by what you see.

You might be intrigued for a morbid moment.

But in your gut, you are probably sickened when you realize what you are seeing actually happened. It's happening right now.

You understand that this is wrong.

You don't have to go to one of these locations in person.

Again, you can watch it on any of thousands of video online.

The first thing you can do, right now, to counter this senseless violence, is become Vegan.

Becoming Vegan immediately stops direct participation in this senseless violence against harmless, innocent, intelligent individuals.

I encourage you to please take a few minutes to watch the feature video on the ÜberVegan Advocacy website homepage. This video is called "A Life Connected: VEGAN" which was produced by my dear friend Matt Bear of

I also call it "Vegan Video."

This is one of the best videos I have experienced, succinctly portraying the benefit, logic and ease of being Vegan.

Please watch Vegan Video. Even if you are already Vegan, please watch it.

And after you have watched Vegan Video, if you are not Vegan, please consider becoming Vegan. After you watch Vegan Video, think about it, and consider becoming Vegan.

If you're already Vegan, thank you.

The next best action you can take is getting the Vegan message to others.

An excellent method of spreading the Vegan message of nonviolence and health, is to wear an ÜberVegan Advocacy shirt, expressing the Vegan message.

A Vegan Advocacy shirt is effective to spreading the Vegan message of nonviolence.

A year and a half ago I started wearing my first ÜberVegan Advocacy shirt,

which simply reads "Meat is the dead body of someone who wanted to live." on front and back. *

Of course, it refers to the website so people will watch the Vegan Video, "online: WatchVegan.Video" *

When I first whore my new ÜberVegan shirt, I instantly recognized people near me notice the shirt message. People often express positive shirt related comments to me.

Depending on the scenario, and especially when someone initiates contact,

I give people advocacy cards, which include Vegan Video watching information.

I always encourage people to watch the Vegan Video, "A Life Connected: VEGAN"

Please take advantage of the ÜberVegan website. I have attempted to make it user friendly, to both veteran, and especially to new Vegans, as well as people interested in becoming Vegan.

I strive to provide useful Vegan resources on the ÜberVegan links page, regularly adding new information and content, which will now include occasional updated blog entries.

You're welcome to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, and thank you for your consideration.

If you are not already Vegan, please become Vegan today.

Right now.

Being Vegan is the one thing we can all do today -right now- to help animals, and promote peace.

Being Vegan eliminates expensive campaigns or large organizations.

Being Vegan does not require legislation, or anything other than recognition that if "animal rights" and advocating nonviolence mean anything, it means we cannot justify any form of violence, which includes using, killing and eating animals.

If you are Vegan, thank you.



ÜberVegan Advocacy

* To be fair, full T-shirt disclosure: the shirt pictured is from a different vendor than the business ÜberVegan Advocacy's currently partnering with.

From my initial assessment, acquiring one shirt from the current vendor, I am quite pleased with the quality of my ÜberVegan Advocacy Polo shirt. The shirt quality exceeded my expectations and at this point after wearing and washing, I am pleasantly satisfied with the print quality.

In other words, the overall quality of these shirts seems to be very high, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

I enthusiastically recommend taking advantage of these excellent Vegan advocacy tools.

Again, thank you!

** Bold titles are safe links.

*** I have made minor changes and corrections to this blog entry, maintaining the spirit of the first notice draft.

Leave animals alone: become Vegan.

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